Weird World: Chinese Food of the Weird Sort

Travel and you'll see strange things, things you may not see every day, as such, they are interesting. I mean, how unusual can it get? How weird? To indulge these questions and this interest I've decided to start a series of blog entries entitled "Weird World." The first of this series has to do with Chinese food, but it's not Mala Tang or BBQ we're talking about, this time it's something ... weird.

If you happen upon Beijing, China, one place I recommend visiting is a special market really close to the center of town. If you take a short walk East of the Forbidden City (1 subway stop East of Tianmen East Station) you'll come across Wangfujing Street, head North about a kilometer, passed all the glitzy shopping, restaurants and on Donghuamen Street make a left, or just follow your nose, there you'll find Donghuamen Night Market (only open at night), and I promise you they sell some things that are really ... strange.

In this busy market you'll find lots of people along a long row of stalls selling all kinds of exotic Chinese foods, unusual edibles from various parts of the country. They have the regular palate of beef, chicken, corn, fruit, squid, tofu and their like, but the menus also have an impressive selection of the ... irregular.

So, be sure to visit Donghuamen's Night Market to sample wonderful delicacies such as beetle, centipede, spider and snake. And if that doesn't get you salivating with desire, then skewers such as grasshopper, dog, silkworm larvae and scorpion most certainly will. Feel like seafood instead? Here you can find luscious and succulent aquatic treats such as star fish, sea urchin and sea horse (one of more expensive items). But if you're really feeling adventurous and looking for that special something, la crѐme de la crѐme, then look no further because coiled around a skewer, waiting for your order, is sheep penis. Bon appėtit?

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