Introducing Marko Ganza's Vlogumentaries

In the late summer and early autumn period of last year I traveled alone through Western China for a few weeks on a mission: film. My plan was to capture footage, come back to the studio and create promotional videos for my upcoming book, Teach Abroad Easy as Pizza (TAEP) - the plan worked.

Allow me to introduce to you, "Marko Ganza's Vlogumentaries." The vlogs are my 'travel-video logs' presented in a series of short - 15-25 minute - documentaries (hence, vlogumentaries), hosted by, your truly; they not only showcase seldom visited Western China, but they also tell interesting stories from ancient Chinese history about the places I filmed on the trip; they also, as was the plan, contain bits of promotion for TAEP. Season One, if you will, is titled, "The Western Great Wall, the Silk Road in China, and Tibet" and each episode is a stop along this journey through Western China (I won't provide a Season description so as to keep the locations of later episodes a surprise). At this time I can confirm 9 episodes will be released; I have material for 4 more to the season, but it's difficult to afford the time, so I don't know when they will come out, which spawns the question, when will everything I am releasing go live?

The vlogumentaries are meant to promote TAEP , so I'd like to have the book available for sale when the vlogs are released, so the key question is, when will the book go live? In July 2015 I commissioned Next Century Publishing to partner with me to publish TAEP as a paperback and as an e-book, but it's been over a year and TAEP still hasn't gone live (no comment) and now they're telling me it'll happen in the end of September 2016, so, in all honesty, I don't know when TAEP will come out, meaning, I also don't know when the vlogs will come out. I'm hopeful TAEP will come out soon so I can start publishing the vlogs in October, but it's possible to be hit with more delays; regardless of this, however, I've decided to publish the trailer for my vlog today (YouTube), the pilot episode in a few days, and to wait for the book launch before releasing others.

The time and effort required to create each vlogumentary are half the reason I haven't blogged much these months (the other reason is I also have a full-time job), so I hope your patience has not been worn out. I will get back to the blog eventually, but, in the coming months, you can look forward to several more vlogumentaries of the same quality and style as the first. I hope you like it, and eventually, them.

With the right partnership I could vlogument dozens of these episodes, let alone just finish the final 4 of the current series. It costs to travel, to film, to take time to write, to produce and on. In any case, I've invested plenty and put tons of work into every episode, so I most humbly and gratefully accept donations of any amount (see website footer).

Thank you.

Marko Ganza

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