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Hello ladies and gentlemen.  I'm Marko Ganza and my story goes like this: I accepted my 1st teaching job abroad in September 2002 and, in doing so, I ushered in a personal golden-age over a dozen years where I paid-off my student loans, taught hundreds of students from children to adults in China, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam, and, in taking advantage of the occupation, I traveled to 55 countries and territories in that time.  Rewind: I have a BA degree in English literature from the University of Toronto and I was a supply teacher in Canada before I started abroad.  Fast-forward: I haven't been in the classroom since Dec. 2014 - now I do language assessment consulting in China (a position possible only with teaching experience) - so my story is best summed up like this: taking advantage of a job abroad since 2002.


I created this website to reach out to anyone interested in teaching, traveling and life abroad, and for anyone interested in taking advantage of a job abroad like one of the countless thousands of people that are doing so right now around the world.  I'm working on some documentaries (est. 2019) to bring attention to my book and showcase taking advantage of a job abroad, 

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If you're interested in teaching abroad, then check out my book: The Book on How to Teach Abroad.  As the writer of a "how to" book, I understand that the authenticity of the author is critical in the success of the book, i.e., did the author do what he says others can do?  For that reason, I'm providing information of my life since 2002 on this website.  Ultimately, whether you have an interest in me or not, whether you have an interest in teaching abroad or not, I do sincerely hope you enjoy the website. 


Thank you.


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